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Why fiber media converter is widely used?

Why fiber media converter is widely used?

A fiber media converter is a simple networking device that makes it possible to connect two dissimilar media types such as twisted pair with fiber optic cabling. They were introduced to the industry in the 1990s, and are important in interconnecting fiber optic cabling-based systems with existing copper-based, structured cabling systems. They are also used in metropolitan area network (MAN) access and data transport services to enterprise customers.

Fiber media converter advantages:

1) Benefits of Ethernet to Fiber Optic Converters.
2) Protects your investment in existing copper ethernet-based hardware.
3) Provides you with the flexibility to add fiber on a port-by-port basis.
4) Enjoy the benefits of fiber without have to make wholesale changes.
5) Fast ethernet or Gigabit ethernet to multi-mode or single mode.
6) Ethernet to fiber and fiber back to ethernet links.
7) Create copper-fiber connections with fiber switches.

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